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Price List:
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$0.42 / gallon

  Bottles (PolyCarbonate):

5 Gallon/w Handle

3 Gallon/w Handle
$ 10.99

2 Gallon/w Handle
Refill $0.84

1 Gallon/w Handle
Refill $0.42

At the Country Faucet, we purify our own water. We take city water and remove 99.5% of all polutants out of the water with a multi stage purification system. Come to one of our locations for an explanation of how this works.

We do not deliver and we do not swap bottles eithers. We just refill the ones you bring in. If you don't have any bottles, we have many different styles for all your needs. All our bottles have handles, which makes carrying so much easier.

We also sell Crocks, Stands and other accessories. Come and visit our storeto see our full selection.

You need to drink at least half a gallon of water each day!
Ask your doctor!
Checkout our 1/2 gallon bottle
We stock many different crocks and stands.
Come and see if we have one that fits your style!
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